Nathan Honess, The Body Confidence Coach, has been helping people like yourself and has over 15 years of experience from within the fitness industry.

He has delivered coaching to hundreds of people all from different backgrounds and with individual goals.

One of the main factors that Nathans clients have in common is they want to have body confidence and one of the main limitations stopping them acheiving that goal is time.

Thats where The Body Confidence Coach comes in, helping people achieve that confidence, within their self and their body.

Nathan has also travelled the world, working as a Personal trainer onboard Cruise ships.

He has experience, knowledge and expertise that will made a big impact on you.

He will truely help you get the result that will change your life and help you overcome those limitations you may have had.











I have been a fitness professional for over 15 years.  I am passionate about what I do and take a massive amount of pleasure from helping people achieve their fitness and weight loss targets.

The most satisfying part of my job is watching people’s confidence growing as they learn to feel really good about themselves – something I can very much relate to, because of the disability that I had overcome during my childhood and into my teenage years.

I found by playing Football and doing sports, helped me get out of my shell, gain confidence and open up with my communication towards other People.

Which is the I chose Personal Training, as I have the experience, knowledge and passion to help others not only overcoming their own obstacles, but training them to unleash their own Body Confidence.

By sharing important, practical physical, nutritional and mindset strategies I can help my clients achieve the body they always dreamed of together with the emotional and mental confidence to start living a better quality of life.

My Results Driven Approach To Personal Training

I specialise in tailoring your training program to fit your needs, it’s not all about the gym…. With fat loss fitness we also take care of you diet by setting up the perfect dietary plan to coincide with your fitness/exercise program.

I believe in going the extra mile for my clients, I am here to help you, reach your goals and transform you into the person you want to be.

All our sessions are one to one personal sessions either at our gym facilities/outdoor training, online and or home visits.

One to one sessions with our highly experienced and qualified trainer, enables our clients to receive the motivation, guidance and personal attention to achieve their goals.

We don’t believe in being super fit we believe in giving you the confidence in your body to succeed in life with a healthy body and lifestyle.

Why I Am Different To Other Personal Trainers

99% of health professionals look at the body in separate parts. They may only look at the muscular system, the skeletal system or your neuromuscular system.

Because they do this, they only treat the effect, which is why your aches and pains keep coming back.

Our kinetic chain assessment looks at your body as a whole, which allows us to identify the cause of your problems so we can treat your problems without them reoccurring.

My Kinetic Chain Assessment consists of up to 90 minutes of assessments along will a very detailed report on what we find and how we will go about fixing your problems and restoring your kinetic chain function.

This will help you, to understand your Body as a whole, so that when you start your Training with me, it will Benefit you as your Body’s Progress will be in Balance with it’s Function.